SPICMA reaches out to the poorest and most marginalized in the developing world; it is open to the needs of small communities and individuals who neither fulfill the criteria nor have any way of approaching the larger agencies. We support both appropriate relief aid and developmental projects. We support and work through the various Missionary Congregations and Diocesan Clergy as we can then be certain that the relief gets to the people it is intended for.
SPICMA is open to assisting in projects which build up the capacity of the Local Church as it realises the importance of having an effective partner on the ground.
SPICMA requests the minimum of application details from those seeking to enter into partnership with it. It also only requires a feedback which is deemed to be appropriate to the partners on the ground.
We keep our own administration costs to the minimum, and SPICMA is run by volunteers.
SPICMA funds its projects through donations and legacies made by individuals and groups.
SPICMA provides its help to people regardless of their religious beliefs or ethnicity.

Drilling 30 new boreholes in rural Kotido, Uganda

October 1, 2018

Children pumping water at a safe water hole.

We must raise £50,000 to give these rural communities access to a safe and stable water supply.

The northeast of Uganda periodically suffers from drought and all that results from that. We have raised money for food programmes for several years as famine gripped the region. In order to help lessen the severity of dry periods, SPICMA has teamed up with the Swiss government and a Swiss charity called Act-U. Together, we intend to fund the drilling of 30 new boreholes where rural communities can access them.

This will be the third time we’ve worked together in the past five years. Act-U is experienced in commissioning surveys and organising the drilling, as well as training the local people how to look after the pumps. For our part, we must raise £50,000 to give these rural communities access to a safe and stable water supply. It is a big commitment for a small charity, but the benefits are beyond measure. Thank you for any help you can give.

A Roof for St Matia Mulumba School, Uganda

October 1, 2018

At the moment, there is a single classroom which is used by 256 children.

At the moment, there is a single classroom which is used by 256 children.

St Matia Mulumba School is located in rural Nebbi Diocese. At the moment, there is a single classroom which is used by 256 children. Thus, there is a need and strong desire for a new school amongst the local people, who have managed to dig the foundations, make the bricks and build the walls already. However, they lack the skills, materials and money to roof the school building and to equip it with water and electricity.

Fr John Hercules Odokodit, the local parish priest, asked SPICMA for help…“We therefore request your organization to help complete the classroom block by supplying us with the following construction materials: iron sheets, nails, timber, payment of skilled labour, cement, doors and windows, ceiling board, electrical installation and water tanks.”

Nebbi Diocese is making a small contribution, so this would be a collaborative effort which we would very much like to support.

Xavier Project Update, August 23, 2018

We’ve received a very uplifting video about a project SPICMA funded in 2017. Xavier Project requested our help for a new learning hub to be built in a Ugandan refugee camp called Rwamwanja. It’s home to around 70,000 people, mainly Congolese (video opens in new window).

Building a youth centre in Chipata, Zambia

July 30, 2018

After Mass with Fr Juan

After Mass with Fr Juan

The Comboni Missionaries, founded in 1867 to minister to the world’s poorest and most abandoned people, have worked in Zambia for the last 40 years, with four missions spread across a wide area of the country. They have asked us for our help to build a youth centre in the Chizongwe suburb of Chipata, a small city in the eastern province.
Chipata, set in one of the poorest areas of the country, is home to many people who have migrated from the countryside in search of a better life. The reality is that jobs are menial and badly paid and living conditions are poor. As always, it is the young who suffer most. The missionaries have a plot of land in Chizongwe where they plan to build a youth centre offering training, accommodation and the opportunity for spiritual and cultural growth. They have started work, clearing the ground and digging a bore hole for wate, but they need our help to continue construction. Please can you help?

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New classrooms needed in Palnellore, India

July 30, 2018

Schoolchildren sitting on the ground under a tree with teacher.

An outdoor class at Palnellnore.

Founded in 1926, the Catholic primary school at Palnellore is one of the oldest schools in the Diocese of Chingleput in India. Before it was built the nearest school was 10 kilometres away, so the children of this remote area of Tamil Nadu have benefitted greatly over the 90 years it’s been in operation. Thousands of children have completed their primary education in this school, with many continuing in education and some going on to become priests or nuns. Although the school receives some support from the local Tamil Nadu government which pays the teachers’ salaries, it is struggling to offer the children the education they deserve, due to lack of space.

The school year runs from June until the following April. There is one small building shared by all pupils. Years 2 and 3 are taught in one room and years 4 and 5 are usually taught outside, in the shade of a tree. But this is far from ideal – children are easily distracted. And in the monsoon season even these outdoor lessons aren’t possible, and many children drop out of school. Fr Arockia Raymond has asked for our help to construct two new classrooms which will allow the school to accommodate all the children throughout the academic year. Please can you help?

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July 12, 2018. Thank you to SPICMA and all its benefactors…

…from St. Joseph Children’s Home, Motakondur, Nalgonda District, in southern India, where thanks to an £8,000 grant from SPICMA, they were able to build kitchen, store room and dining facilities to replace a temporary structure that was destroyed by heavy wind and rains. The completion report and photos can be viewed here (opens in a new window).


May 23, 2018

Many people are requesting food aid.

Many people are requesting food aid.

St Joseph’s Catholic Parish covers two government sub-counties of Panyangara and Nakapelimoru with a total population of 67,392 people. These people live mainly in the villages and can barely afford a meal a day.

Late in April and early May, we were blessed with some rains and we were happy that people could get some wild vegetables to eat as hunger was becoming a big issue. Unfortunately the rains were brief and the vegetables failed. This increased the hunger situation and now there is lot of hunger. Many people on a daily basis are requesting food aid. These are few compared to those who are really badly off in the surrounding villages.

We really need a lot of assistance urgently. We therefore ask you please for urgent funds.

Thanks and God’s blessings.

Fr Tatah Johnson MHM

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St Joseph’s School, Mallayapalem, India – clean water and sanitation facilities

April, 25, 2018

...living on wages of £3 a day they cannot possibly afford such a project.

…living on wages of £3 a day they cannot possibly afford such a project.

This school needs help in accessing clean water and sanitation facilities. Like many schools in India, St Joseph’s RC Mission School has no toilet block or access to clean water. The children have no choice but to use the open ground around the school. As they get older, many choose not even to do this, but wait until they are back home. Girls often stop coming to school altogether.

Fr Yeruva, a recently appointed local parish priest, has sought our help. He would like to construct a 20 unit sanitation block which will be connected to a water storage plant, fed by a new borehole. The local people are primarily agricultural labourers and are living on wages of £3 a day. They cannot possibly afford such a project. With your help, we can give them this, improving the health, dignity and comfort of school children in this deprived part of the Andhra Pradesh.

“As I was searching who could help me, I was so fortunate to come across SPICMA. It gave me hope.” Fr Yeruva

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