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Dear Donors of Spicma.

As a Mill Hill Member working in Panay island I am so grateful for your tremendous help. I am one of the Fathers who distributed the water, food, seeds  and corrugated roofing material. You know it changed the lives of so many many people, who thank you and pray for all of you.  Your help is still invaluable.       May God Bless each one of you.    Sincerely yours,

Fr. Abner  MHM







8 St. John Parish Church Sara, Iloilo



SPICMA reaches out to the poorest and most marginalized in the developing world, it is open to the needs of small communities and individuals who neither fulfill the criteria nor have any way of approaching the larger agencies.


We support both appropriate relief aid and developmental projects.


We support and work through the various Missionary Congregations and Diocesan Clergy as we can then be certain that the relief gets to the people it is intended for.


SPICMA is open to assisting in projects which build up the capacity of the Local Church as it realises the importance of having an effective partner on the ground.


SPICMA requests the minimum of application details from those seeking to enter into partnership with it. It also only requires a feedback which is deemed to be appropriate to the partners on the ground.


We keep our own administration costs to the minimum, and SPICMA is run by volunteers.


SPICMA funds its projects through donations and legacies made by individuals and groups


SPICMA provides its help to people regardless of their religious beliefs or ethnicity