SPICMA works in partnership with the Local Church more often on a parish or local community level. It is also open to assisting in projects which build up the capacity of the Local Church as it realises that having an effective partner on the ground is important.

If you wish to apply for a grant, please download the application form SPICMA PROJECT REQUEST and when completed either email it to us at or send it by post to SPICMA.ORG, P.O.Box 299, Cirencester, GL7 9FP.

A confirmation letter is needed from the Bishop that this project is one approved by the Diocese, or an explanation as to why this is not provided.

In addition it would be helpful to us if you would supply with your application, some photos of the area to be developed and again the same after the project is finished. We require these in order to keep our donors in touch as to how their donations are spent.

Please be aware that we check the authenticity of those making applications.

Finally for our part we keep our administration costs to the minimum in that our volunteers are unpaid. We will confirm receipt of the Project Form and the date of the expected decision. We normally meet to consider applications every four months.

A half page report is required within three months of completion of the project that includes pictures showing completion of the work and project.

November 2016