Batwa House Project – Burundi

June 2015


Whole families live in one room

The Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers) in Burundi have been working with the donors of SPICMA to improve the appalling housing conditions of the Batwa, a pygmy tribe, for three years now.
The Batwa people of Burundi are an ethnic group representing about two percent of the population. They are what remains of the hunting-gathering people of Africa and are the “forgotten minority”, landless and have been neglected and discriminated against since pre-colonial time. The Batwa House Project seeks to build 28 homes in 2015. This is the third such project SPICMA has undertaken for these people, most of whom live as ‘ABAGERERWA’ – on land owned by a landlord which requires the whole family to work for him for a certain number of days every week. They are almost slaves. After two years of negotiations, Action Batwa (MFA) has managed to secure community land for the families on condition that they build their own proper houses. As in the two previous projects, each of the 28 families will be responsible for making the requisite number of bricks before construction for their new home. The elderly and one parent families will be given help in the making of the bricks so that all members of the village get a house.SPICMA, with your help, will provide the funding for all the raw materials.
Please help, if you can, in this fantastically worthwhile project.
Thank you.


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