Philippines Chapels


The damage still lingers on in our chapels

Repairing Chapels at Turda, Coron, Philippines

“Paddy, you and your organisation SPICMA helped us in that difficult time when we were hit by the typhon Yolanda. You sent us money with which helped our people in Turda to get enough food, repair houses and build new fishing boats. Our people are eternally grateful.

Now we are almost back into normalcy. But the damage still lingers on in our chapels. Repair work and rebuilding of most chapels has been and is still going on but we have no money. Our Parishioners although very poor will contribute towards the building of the chapel through manual labour, providing sand and some small financial contribution. Please help us if you can..

May our good Lord continue blessing the work of your organisation SPICMA

Thank you Fr. Charles MHM.”

Greetings from Turda, Coron, Palawan – Philippines

from Charles Okata, MHM. June 5th, 2015

Thanks for remembering us in Turda Parish. As I indicated in my request e-mail to you, there is an ongoing repair and also building up our Chapels that were devastated by the great typhoon Yolanda. I would like to thank you again and your organisation SPICMA for the assistance you gave us for relief during that time.

For now, individual families are all back to normalcy although their income level remains low. The greatest of our needs is the rebuilding and repair of the still devastated Chapels in the parish. The work is ongoing. Of the 13 Chapels that were devastated we have so far managed to repair and rebuild 7 Chapels. We need financial assistance from both within and outside the community to continue the work. In this regard, as in my last e-mail to you, I appeal again to you and your organisation if you can, please help us build a Chapel.

Besides Sunday liturgical celebrations, our Chapels also serve the community as halls for meetings, seminars, evacuation centres in time of adverse weather and in some cases as in one community as a day-care centre for kindergarten children. That is how important the Chapels are in our community.

On this e-mail I have attached some pictures of devastated Chapels that need to be built and those that we are already trying to build but with difficulty of financial resources. In one of the pictures we were on the island meeting with the indigenous people on a place that was formerly a Chapel that was hit by the typhoon.

That is all for now Patrick.

Thanks a lot for all the good work and God bless.