Pre-2017 Projects and Appeals


Water for Zororai Old People’s Home, Zimbabwe

December 9, 2016

I would be very grateful if you could assist Sister Louise Malone (Franciscan Missionary Sister for Africa) with this request to provide water for Zororai Old People’s Home in Sakubva Township, Zimbabwe. This home is in dire need of help and a bore hole would enable them to have a functioning garden. Not only would this provide fresh vegetables and maize for the residents, but any surplus could be sold and the revenue used to help assist in the maintenance of the home and care of the residents.

A borehole would enable them to have a functioning garden and help with washing and cooking.

A borehole would enable them to have a functioning garden and help with washing and cooking.

Zororai Old People’s Home was set up for the really desperate old people who had no one to care for them. We are trying to give them a residence that will enable them to live and die with dignity knowing that someone does care. Both Srs Blandina and Louise are doing their best and, with the volunteers who help them, they have raised the standard of the home and have improved the quality of care given to the residents. Having their own borehole at Zororai would enhance the place, not just for the garden but also for washing and cooking, especially when there are water shortages. I would really appreciate if you could support this project.
Yours sincerely, +Patrick M Mutume Aux. Bishop of Mutare

Update Jan 15, 2017 – The project cost has been met and the funds sent. Thank you to all who contributed and to SCIAF (Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund) who raised 50% of the total.

Shiny Village 9 project – Boreholes in Karamoja

Progress Report from ACT-U, October 19, 2016

Water strike at Kaeker Village

Success at Kaeker village!


Dear Paddy, Since my last mail (15/09/2016) the team in Karamoja…… surveyed 14 new possible sites for the remaining boreholes;
… drilled 4 more boreholes (all of them productive!!)

The picture was take in Kaekar village, in Rengen sub county. The borehole depth is 54 meters.
Thank you, Kind Regards,

…background and earlier progress reports of the Shiny Village 9 Project.

Youth Training Project, Teso, Eastern Uganda

Update, October 10, 2016

Pigs in pigsty with farmer

Five youth groups have been formed for the piggery project. They have all been trained in piggery farming by a local pig farmer.

We launched this appeal in February this year and in the last few days we have received an encouraging report detailing progress to date.

Project background and launch.

Security Wall Appeal, NW Frontier, Pakistan

September 2016

We received an urgent request from a Mill Hill Missionary priest in Pakistan. He was notified by the local security police that a security wall must be constructed around the Church’s residential Retreat House. The Retreat House is in a difficult area and is partially surrounded by people who may have arms. There is a risk that visitors can be observed from above and may be put in harm’s way. This aside, along one stretch there is nothing more than orange trees to stop someone entering. One family has already been threatened.

The estimate is £7,500.

Batwa House Project – Completed!

Update, August 30, 2016

Dear Patrick, I hope that you are fine and well. I am fine too. I am happy to send you this final report for our house project of 2016. The 28 houses for 28 Batwa families are done. Attached to this mail is the narrative report and the financial report as well. I am also attaching to this mail the final photos of the houses built.

Thanks again for all the support. God bless, Yours fraternally, Elias
MWEBEMBEZI Elias . Missionnaires d’Afrique . Avenue Muyinga 25 . Bujumbura . BURUNDI

Original appeal, Batwa House Project – Burundi, June 2015

Water Tanks , Kibera Slum, Nairobi

St Charles Lwanga Rehabilitation and Education Centre, August, 2016

Kibera Slum Nairobi

Children in Kibera Slum, Nairobi

The centre focuses on the rehabilitation and education of street children in Kibera Slum, Nairobi. Kibera is the largest urban slum in Africa, currently home to an estimated million people living in an area of about one square mile. The slum is made up of nine villages. Currently some have water but with very poor sanitation and a lack of sewerage and draining systems.

We need please to build three more large water tanks at the centre. These will be in addition to those financed by SPICMA some years ago and will be able to improve the living conditions of more of the vulnerable children and youth aged between 1-19 years.
Bro. Hillary

St Mark’s Catholic Church, Forte, Island of Mailata

Appeal to complete church building, August, 2016

Peace and sincere greetings from the South Pacific Solomon Islands Catholic Diocese of AUKI. I am enclosing this request from Fr. Kalu who needs your support please to complete St Marks Catholic Church at Forte on the Island of Malaita – Bishop Chris Cardone, OP


St. Marks new church – skeleton

From Fr. Kalu…
We started work in 2010 and so far have achieved the halfway stage (picture is of the outline skeleton of the new Church dwarfing the existing church which is falling apart). The work progress of the Project has come to a standstill due to families having too many other financial commitments . They are very willing but have in most cases a very low income. We ask you please to assist us and somehow hasten the progress and completion of our Church. Without help this will take many many years so please help us if you can.

Yours sincerely in the Risen Christ
Fr. Albert Kalu Forte Catholic Community. SI

SPICMA was able to donate £8,250 to the project – thank you to all donors.

Famine Appeal – Karamoja, Uganda

Update June 25, 2016 – some better news from Fr. Sylvester

Since my last report things have improved a bit. The rains started last weekend and it has been raining daily since then. So once again for now things look hopeful. However, the destruction that was already done by the long dry spell remains. If the rains continue then some crops will recover and there will be some harvest. Meanwhile people are once again busy cultivating and planting short time crops like beans.

Many regards.

Update June 15, 2016

Thank you to all who have donated. With your help SPICMA has been able to send another grant to Fr Sylvester to feed the hungry, bringing our total to £142,000 since August last year. Fr Sylvester has sent a report to us and it contains some worrying news – the rains that arrived in April have not lasted as long as everyone had hoped they would.

Background and more information here.

Youth Training Project, Teso, Eastern Uganda

February 2016

St. Patrick’s Catholic Parish, Madera, is a huge Catholic parish in Eastern Uganda. It was established by Fr. John Dunne of the Mill Hill Missionaries in 1915. The parish incorporates 66 outpost chapels over a large geographical area and is run by just two priests. One area, Teso, is amongst the poorest regions of Uganda. Half of the population is under 24 and has no hope of work due to a lack of skills. This project will train unemployed youth (both male and female) in sustainable occupations which benefit them and the wider community.

The first stage of the project is to train two groups of youth – one to breed fish in large tanks and the other in breeding pigs. Both types of farming are needed, sustainable and not available in the area. The initial funding will go towards the construction and stocking of three fish tanks and three pig sties with fish fingerlings and expecting sows. The participating youth will be instructed and helped to set up local feed processing units and will sell the mature fish and meat. A key provision is that each group is expected to support the start of a new fish and pig farming centre of another group.

Uganda Boreholes Project Report

January 12, 2016 – Latest report has arrived

See the difference that boreholes make to people’s lives.

Repairing Chapels at Turda, Coron, Philippines

From Charles Okata, MHM. September 9th, 2015

Greetings from Turda, Coron, Palawan – Philippines. Thanks a lot for your recent e-mail to us. I could have replied straight away but at a moment we have network problems. The internet is very slow and sometimes blacks out. In Turda Parish we are still in the process of re-building our Chapels which were hit by the typhoon. At a moment with a lot of financial difficulty we have nearly done half way to the finish of the Chapel of Bayang. My appeal now is that you can help us rebuild another Chapel in the financially badly off village of Malawig. Malawig is one of the villages in our Parish that was 99% hit by the typhoon and the inhabitants are the indigenous people called the Tagbanua.

We hope to put up a Chapel for them in the place of the dilapidated one which we tried to repair after the Typhoon. The Chapel is multi-purpose and helpful as a community meeting place, evacuation centre at times of adverse weather and a place of worship.

I have attached the pictures on this e-mail. I hope you get them.

I have maintained the estimates like those in the last request although prices of materials have gone up a bit, we shall manage with the local contributions of manual labour and some materials like sand and stones. Paddy as you mentioned in your e-mail, pictures of the whole building process will be e-mailed to you and also the actual accountability of the costs of a completed Chapel.

That is all for now. Thanks a lot and May the Good Lord keep aiding you Paddy and your organisation SPICMA as you aid us missionaries and other Humanitarian Organisations to help the needy and to alleviate their suffering.

May God bless you.
Fr. Charles Okata, MHM. …more


New church – Oblanga, Uganda

New church - Oblanga, Eastern Uganda

Floor, proper doors, windows etc. needed…..please help us if you can

St. Andrew’s Catholic Church Obalanga is situated in Eastern Uganda. The Parish was created on the 16th August, 2014 and is very large, covering an wide area. The history of Obalanga has been beset with tragedy. It suffered greatly in 2003 from the Lord’s Resistance Army (Joseph Kony). Many people were killed and a memorial was erected 200 metres from the new Parish on the location of a mass grave for 365 people.
To Quote the Parish Priest: “The people of St. Andrew’s Catholic Parish are good people and supportive They have very done well with limited resources and much sacrifice, but now they have run out of funds and the work on the new church has stalled. If you can help it would be really appreciated.”
Fr. John Paul
Update August 4, 2015: We have raised the £8,000 estimated requirement to complete the church project. Thank you all for your generosity.


water_is_lifeClean Water – Busitema, Uganda

Water is Life!

I am doing pastoral work together with the people of the newly established Parish of Busitema which was inaugurated last year, 6th September 2014. Currently we don’t have a proper source of water. In this Parish most of my people here live a very humble life below the poverty line with no proper source of income. They rely on subsistence farming which is limited by low market prices and are often affected by adverse weather changes. And so amidst other life challenges the most pressing and urgent problem we are all facing is lack of a proper source of water ie a borehole. Moreover, apart from spiritual development we wish in the future to offer our people the added benefits of a health unit nursery school which will require sufficient clean water supply.
Fr. Richard Wandera
Update August 4, 2015: We have raised the £4,500 estimated requirement to complete the church project. Thank you all for your generosity.


Kateta People Living with HIV/AIDS – Uganda

Agricultural Support to vulnerable families of women and children living with HIV/AIDS

Our project is to enable Kateta to give Agricultural Support to vulnerable families of women and children living with HIV/AIDS by setting up 20 farming groups per parish consisting of five farmers. Each group will be formed from some of the people with HIV/AIDS and will take part in a food production trial that will, apart from producing food, hopefully provide extra seeds which can then benefit others in the wider group in the next season.

“We desperately need funds to buy oxen and ploughs which will be used on a rotation basis by the households to clear the ground. We also need funds please to purchase tools and seed.” Helen.

I strongly recommended this group of families for funding and will assist and monitor the project.

Fr. Patrick Parish Priest



Earlier Projects and Appeals

Flash Floods in Peshawar, Pakistan – July 2015