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Protection to churches in Punjab – March 2015


Update August 4, 2015: We have now sent £43,000 in total to the Pakistan Security Appeal. Thank you all for your great generosity.


January 2015

Spicma 12th Jan Learning Diff Centre


India Floods Update – October 2014

Update India Bishop Celestine 1.10.14


Philippines Update, July 2014

SPICMA sends more funds to the Missionaries in the Philippines


On 8th November Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan destroyed large areas of the Philippines. Within hours (literally) of SPICMA being asked for help we sent £20,000.00. Since then we have sent another £129,000.00 making a total to date of £149,000.00.

In the early stages most of the early funds were used to provide food and shelter via the missionaries in Turda (North Panay) Coastal Outstations: Malawig, Bayon, Buena Vista and the island of Tara. Also other Church operations in Islands of Panay, Palawan/Busuanga Islands.

Six months ago Missionaries working with communities in the impoverished villager’s of Tinigban, Calagana, Iloilo and Colcepcion asked SPICMA ( the catholic voluntary charity) to assist them in rebuilding their devastated lives of  families within these communities who were particularly affected as not only had they lost everything,  but were unable to work due to their income being  derived solely  from sea fishing.  All the  boats had been destroyed by the hurricane..

Thanks to the magnificent generosity of our supporters, SPICMA has so far been able to financed 25 seagoing vessels with a further 5 still under construction.  Each of these boats is able to support ten families which has enabled children to return to their schooling and homes to be repaired.

The community has asked that the balance of the money be used to provide roofing and paint for their small Chapel/health centre where they celebrate Mass and gather for prayer and teach their children the catechism.   This building was very badly damaged by the hurricane and presently has no roof at all.

The author of this report finally added:

“I have never seen such tremendous faith and respect for God as with these people.  They work as a community, helping and assisting each other in these difficult times.  Tremendous faith and a simple life keep them happy.  They have less in life in terms of material things, but they have more in love and care for each other and their families – thank you to both SPICMA and your donors for your full support of this project”

Dear Donors of Spicma,
As a Mill Hill Member working in Panay island I am so grateful for your tremendous help. I am one of the Fathers who distributed the water, food, seeds and corrugated roofing material. You know it changed the lives of so many many people, who thank you and pray for all of you. Your help is still invaluable. May God Bless each one of you.

Sincerely yours

Fr. Abner MHM


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April 2014 – Severe water shortage at St. Bakhita’s School, Luanda, Kenya

St Bakhita's School Luanda, Kenya, needs water