Shiny Village 9

Shiny Village 9 project – Boreholes in Karamoja

Progress Report from ACT-U, September 15, 2016

Hi Paddy, sorry for keeping quiet for so long. Our people in Karamoja advanced quite a lot in the drilling process. Up to now they drilled 18 boreholes. 5 of them are unfortunately unproductive, but the 13 that are working are already operational for the population.

The weather has been bad during this summer, hindering the movements of the machines and slowing down the progress of the works. While not drilling, the workers took the opportunity to install and open the new functioning boreholes and also to train the water user committees about the proper use of the pumps, their maintenance and also about community hygiene. So all in all no days were lost.Now the weather is behaving and the work restarted well. If nothing unexpected happens, we will finish the project in time.

I attach a spreadsheet that acts as a progress report and some recent pictures as well (Lomokori village, during the installation and casting of the new borehole). Thank you for your patience!! Best regards, Dario [Bernasconi]

We need to raise our share of the project (£50,000), which is lot of money, but to the families who live there the benefits are enormous and incalculable. You can read about some of our earlier boreholes work in this area.

Boreholes in Karamoja

Progress Report from ACT-U, July 4, 2016

We started drilling on the 27th of June 2016. So far we drilled 5 boreholes:

waterstrikeLokori East – Losipda (Kotido S/C), 76 m deep, yielding;
Kalekori (Nakapelimoru S/C), 67 m deep, yielding;
Kalongwang (Nakapelimoru S/C), 85 m deep, not yielding – to be replaced;
Nakaal (Panyangara S/C), 60 m deep, yielding;
Kongesia (Panyangara S/C), 69 m deep, yielding.

Pump testing has been done yesterday on the first two boreholes. Picture [above] showing the moment the drilling crew hit the water plate in Nakaal village (Panyangara S/C)

Thank you, Best regards, Dario Bernasconi

Progress Report from ACT-U, May 8, 2016

ACT-U have been meeting with the communities who will be the recipients of the planned 30 new deep wells (the funding for the wells will be shared between ACT-U, the Swiss Government and SPICMA). You can learn more about what was discussed and planned in the Mobilisation and Sensitisation Report.

ACT-U also sent us a short film showing a panoramic view of one of the largest Karamajong villages.

Original Appeal – April 24, 2016

Within this area there is no running water. People depend on water from bore-holes and shallow dams that people dig during dry season.

Within this area there is no running water. People depend on water from bore-holes and shallow dams that people dig during dry season.

The region of Karamoja, Uganda is home to a Nilotic population called the Karimojong. The water cover in the Catholic Diocese of Kotido is the lowest in the country. The area has no electricity supply. The recent tragic famine is one of the worst this area has suffered for many years and at the time of writing this it is still continuing.

In the last two months we have come to an agreement with the Swiss Charity ACT-U to drill more Boreholes in this large area of Eastern Uganda. ACT-U are not new to us as we have partnered several smaller borehole projects with them in past years. Codenamed Catholic Diocese at a cost of £5800 each. The financing of this important project will be shared by ACT-U, the Swiss Government and SPICMA. Beneficiaries will be the roughly 30,000 families living in this District.